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Lorenzo COLL

Professional Aikido Instructor



If one worries only about the form, then it is like putting oneself in a prison that is the form. It is the same as being left without freedom.

However, this is not supposed to be the keiko we are looking for. Isn't it the opposite, that we are trying to free ourselves from a situation without freedom to learn the Way?

We practice Aikido ultimately to become more free. We must savor the situation when we receive the partner's vibration, open our senses taking into account the circumstances of our environment so that action can be created: now, in this moment.

Of course this is budo, so there are surely people who seek to defeat opponents, defend themselves and become strong. And that's fine. However, if one conscientiously seeks the peak, aspects such as self-defense and martial application are acquired naturally.

I hope that we continue to do our practice valuing the vibration and connection of this moment, now, now, now...

Endo Seishiro Shihan. Vibration and Connection.

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Join the largest Aikido school in Mallorca. Practice in the Dojos of Palma and Sineu and share the path with dozens of aikidokas united by commitment and passion for Aikido.

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Learn a little more about my career in martial arts and Aikido. Beginnings, teachers, references, my practice. You can also contact me via email for any questions related to the practice of Aikido.

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Momentos de práctica. Seishin Aikido Mallorca.
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Lorenzo Coll Sensei. Seishin Aikido Mallorca.
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Lorenzo Coll. Seishin Aikido Mallorca.
Seminario de Aikido. Mallorca. Lorenzo Coll Sensei.

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Seishin Aikido Mallorca. Lorenzo Coll Sensei.
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Lorenzo Coll Loshuertos (Mallorca, 1976) is a professional Aikido and martial arts teacher, Shidoin, Aikido master recognized by the International Aikido Federation, 4th Dan Aikido black belt by the Aikikai of Tokyo, deshi of Luís F. Mochón sensei . He teaches regular Aikido classes in Mallorca, in the towns of Palma and Sineu and seminars inside and outside of Mallorca. With more than 40 years of experience in Japanese martial arts, and more than 24 years dedicated to Aikido, he is professionally dedicated to its dissemination and teaching. He currently directs two Dojos: Seishin Dojo, located in Palma de Mallorca and the Aikido Dojo in Sineu in the Gimnàs Sineu, which make up the Seishin Aikido Mallorca association, the largest Aikido school in Mallorca and one of the largest Aikido schools. at the national level. He also teaches Aikido classes in different schools on the island as a specialist in Physical Education, integrating martial arts into the school curriculum and through workshops.

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